Alliance Cooperative Energy, LLC (ACE) provides a complete array of services to meet your alternative energy needs.  We offer Site Evaluation, Engineered System Design, Finance, Incentive Guidance, Custom Field Installation, Commissioning, and Maintenance, all complying with the applicable regional and national codes and standards. 

We provide a “one stop shopping” experience for a fully integrated system, incorporating best-in-industry practices that will provide years of reliable energy production. 

ACE offers residential, commercial and institutional solar PV systems in any size in partnership with only the most reputable roofing companies and electrical contractors.


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New Legislation Stabilizes NJ Solar Credit Market

In addition to the savings on electric bills, owners of solar systems in New Jersey are able to make money by selling credits for generated electricity. Thanks to recent legislation that has increased and stabilized utilities’ demand for Solar Renewable Energy Credits, it makes financial sense for the utilities to purchase the credits from owners both now and in the future.

More about SRECs can be found on our site and on pv magazine's site.

Germany's World Record Reveals American Potential

On May 26 this year, Germany broke a record by producing 22 GW, about 40% of the total power produced in the nation, using solar alone. A quick look at this MAP shows that the United States as a whole (Alaska included) is a more favorable location for solar power than Germany.